How to enable modifiers in 2.8?

Maybe I’m picking&choosing the words to hear all the time but I’ve heard several times that there was some kind of way to enable modifiers, yet no one has elaborated on that.
I don’t know of any 2.8 documentation, and the search here doesn’t get me anything, so hopefully someone will read this and know the answer.

I figure it’s some kind of command-line operator like --enable-new-depsgraph (which really solved an annoying issue I had before I found out about it) is the most recent mention that modifiers are available, where they said modifiers weren’t working until “like a week ago”, and before that I heard it at

theres no such thing as 2.8. use the official release 2.78c!

dont use the developer builds if your not a developer.


Fine, how do I enable modifiers in this Blender version?