How to enable transparency in Cycles Material view?


I can easily enable transparency in Solid view in Cycles but I can’t figure out how to enable it for Material view. Any tips?

OK, I reported a bug because it clearly does not work OK:

So the bug was closed because it is a known bug and it is already on the TODO list. This means that currently the transparency does not work in Cycles Material view.


Hm…See picture…Transparent work in Material View…But not in Solid or Texture view.
I believe You have to use GSLS for it to work…Not sure…But You can change it in Preferences…:slight_smile:

Hope this help…Puff Puff


Does it stay transparent if you deselect the plane? In my tests it seems that the tranparency works only when the object is selected…


I just tried again…Now it don’t work…Strange…If I find out why I will be back…HB…:slight_smile:



If I use the add Mesh - Images as planes and turn alpha on - in file browser…It work in material view.

If I add a plane - open a Image and setup the node - it work in render but not in material view.

I can’t see where I turn alpha on - to see it in material view…When I set it up self…Think it’a a little strange because the transparent is set in the node setup…??

But what did a noob know…He he…Cheers