How to enable transparency in the viewport material mode?

Hey guys, question for you. I recently set up some Make Human models for some testing purposes and I can’t figure out how to have the materials with alphas / transparency to show in the material mode in the viewport. As you can see, the materials are working as intended in the preview render, but outside of that it doesn’t take the alpha into account. I’ve already tried changing the Viewport alpha setting in the settings panel shown in the screenshots and they don’t do anything apart from “add” which just turns to texture completely white. I’ve also included the screenshot of the material graph just in case it has to do with the way the material was done.

Thanks guys.


The material preview can’t show a reliable preview when the material gets more complex. Viewport alpha setting is the one to control transparency, which might work when connecting the first mix shader with the texture to the output

Might have to put a check mark in the transparency box under display settings of the object properties. Yeah, it’s in an odd spot right next to the Xray option or enabling other markers like the object axes. If that doesn’t do it, you’ll have to try different alpha values or modes. (YMMV depending on graphics cards and such.)