how to end realtime engine?

hi, In object mode I accidentaly hit the pkey, which started the realtime engine, at first I didn’t know what had happened, so I opened another instance of blender looked up the pkey in the hotkey reference and it says Object Mode : Start Realtime Engine, and so now I can’t do anything with my file in blender I can’t even save and exit. It’s just a black screen with a white image of my model.

My question is how do I exit or end the realtime engine?

esc key

The first two things we should show newcomers is the ESC key, which will get you pretty much out of any command you are running at that moment, and the Undo.
They rarely have to ask about the QKEY anymore… backwhen Blender was takinq over the whole screen and I opened it for the first time (and last time for months to come), I remember franticaly searching for a mean to close that darn thing.


ah! Thanks very much, I’ll make a mental note of that, IamInnocent, thanks again :slight_smile: