how to engrave text onto a ring

Hey Everyone,

I am getting more into the advanced stuff on blender, and I was wondering how can you engrave text onto a ring modeled in blender. I have tried alot of different approaches, and I can’t seem to find any tutorials on how to do this. I know how to do the ring with the texture I want to make it look gold, but I want text engraved into the ring. Also with the text I want to make the text have sort of a noise gold texture to make it look engraved onto the ring. Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this.


one method would be to uv-map the text onto the ring and also make a normal map and do a very subtle normal of the text… that would probably be the best and most simple way to do it…:yes:

Bump nor maps don’t reallt do it for me…
(First just make the text and look how many “intersections”/verts of the ring it will use. Ad a plane (delete only the face) around your text and subdivide it so that it has as manny verts that it will take place on the ring. Extrude the text inwards a bit.
Fill the area between text and plane. Wrap it around the ring. Retopo it to the ring or manually. And the just connect the verts from the plane to the verts of your ring. And Bob’s yur uncle.)
Way more verts and work then UV mapping a bump map but way better result.
–>Or what could do the job is UV mapping a disp map/modifier. Therefor you should heavilly suddivide your ring. But the result will be as good (as not better) then by moddeling it.
And for the noise use a UV mapped noise texture linked by nodes to a UV mapped texture of your text. This way the noise will only show up where there is text.

I know this may sound like a stupid question but how do you wrap the plane to the ring as you are suggesting?

Sorry warp. Never used it but it should do the trick I think.