How to erase stuff from the UVs list?

Hello everyone,

I never really cared about 'till today: The listing of “untitled” or other useless UV mappings is getting very impressive and hitting the cross next to them doesn’t change anything…
How could i get rid off the over hundred “bad” items? :frowning:

:confused: No one? :no: ?

Juste in case: clicking the X beside the UV’s image name REALLY doesn’t take it off the list :eek: …and no matter if the image is or isn’t saved as anything…

in 2.5 there is delete button for UV file in UV panel


He! He! Of course, there is a button… But when i click on it; NOTHING gets erased!.. :o If it would, this post woudn’t exist. :wink:

Had the same problem myself the other day. This feature may be broken at the moment.

A (somehow) reassuring answer… I really have a worrying quantity of untitled ones scrolling down there!!! :eek:

If you Shift-click on the X, the image will be gone after you save and re-open the file. Awkward for hundreds of files, but it works. (2.53 beta)

seems to work with the shift clik on the X

but not with X

so i guess this is still a bug !

anybody has repored this as a bug hopefully if we don’t want to see it in 2.54 !


seems to work with the shift clik on the X

but not with X

so i guess this is still a bug !

No, it’s not. It wouldn’t make sense if you’d get the same result with different actions (X and shift+X). The tooltip even states the difference.

X unlinks the datablock from the object.
Shift+X deletes the datablock from the blend file after save.

Well, thanks to all and yes: Quit the file and re-open it, leaves only the expected UV datas.
I don’t really understand what you mean with Shift+X… since the operation should just be performed when selecting the UV image’s name and mouse clicking on the X as shown on the picture:

i was uisng the other tool bar to erase the file

but when you click on that bottom X is it working also ?

happy 2.5

Hover the mouse over the X button and read the tooltip

Wether i shift or not while clicking on the X, doen’t remove the item from the list.
Think the erase function must be out for the moment…

It will only be deleted from the list when you shift+X, save and reopen

Yes, looks like it works this way… Probably something that will be fix themnext.
It is not that horrible after all as the list is updated at each reopening.

I’ve been having similar issues. When I finally learned that that’s the way things are I was like ‘please please don’t let it be true’ to begin with. Nuts! But you learn to adapt I guess.

Looks like I will be going to Blender 2.5 after all now, even though I hate some aspects of it.