How to estimate the price for a blender feature development ?

Hi there,
i’m working with differents skilled persons, and i always ask them for developping tools.

In the case that i have a big work (like a new 2.5 feature), i’m in trouble.

How to estimate the time needed and the price of it ?!

In the same time, some discussions come to a point where one day, we will give donations to the BF to improve the development of some features…so how to do that ?

i give you an exemple: i’m looking with a lot of interest on the development of watchmoving feature in blender (maybe libmv), i know a lot of people who can be able to work on (but they want to be paid…i understand).

So, to work on this feature, what is the estimate price ?
Who can tell me ?

If it’s donation to a specific feature, try contacting Ton directly and see if you can work something out, otherwise there’s general information on how to donate at .

Keir Mierle (the origninal author of libmv) may know since he’s also a blender developer (or at least was), try contacting him…

if i need to hire directly the guy, what is the interest for the community ?

do you think it’s like this that we will add new functionnalities into blender ? paying the guy without knowing about dev price ?

i repeat my question:
How to estimate the price for a blender feature development ?


If you want a specific piece of new functionality in Blender, you can do three things:

  • Wait and hope that someone else develops it
  • Code it yourself
  • Pay someone to code it
    If you want to pay someone, the only way to find out how much it will cost is to find someone to do the work and ask that person. Gustav has given you a couple of people to ask already.

Well the formula is quite simple:
Estimate the price = Estimated time of development * Hourly rate of the developer (+ Safety margin)

Rates can easily be figured out. The hard part is to know how long time it takes. A developer familiar with the problem might have a clue, even though coders in general have a history of underestimating development time…

In other words, you need to contact someone familiar with the problem, only that person can give you an answer (for example Keir as mention above)

That’s really between you and ‘the guy’ now, isn’t it?

It’s like this, how accurate do you think the responses would be if I were to ask “How to estimate the price for renovations to my house?”

Sure, a person or two who frequents this forum may be qualified enough to give accurate estimates for house renovation work but I highly doubt they could do it over the interwebs and/or without a detailed description of the work to be performed.

I see…thanks for your answers.

In that way, i cannot imagine how the process of “pay for features” can be applied !

i mean that will become difficult to push the development without good estimate (correct)! how can we proceed to get that info for/front of the community?

Send an email to Ton (ton atblenderdotorg if I remember well) and ask him:
Dear Ton, I want to pay for matchmoving in Blender, how much this is going to cost, just to know if I have already the money…blah… blah…blah

I am sure Ton will answer you with the exact amount need to code it.

By the way, it is in the list of things Ton want in Blender and to be coded with the next Blender Foundation project, that is going to be about 3D effects in a normal movie.