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How does a rank beginner estimate the time and effort required for a small project?

Dear Blender:
I just installed Blender (2.48a) and I have read most of Blender for DUMMIES. Recently I have published a couple of adventure novels for children (8-12) and I’ve also illustrated the books. There are a bunch of bad guys in the books (witches, water orcs, and punkchopgoons) and I would love to create a 3D graphic version of those guys. Ultimately I would love to see animated versions of them…

Could someone give me an idea how long would it take – starting from ground zero – to produce 3D images and animations of some of these characters?

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The examples I see at the Blender site are great! Very professional and quite intimidating…
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P. K. Winter

I’d suggest that you snag a copy of Harkyman’s book, Animating With Blender.

In this very-good book, he methodically describes how he took a 3-minute short video from concept to delivery. You should be aware, though, that he took many months to do it.

It does take … much longer than you might think, even if you have done it many times.

funny question that is
considering you want to start from ‘ground zero’ i suppose the amount of time tends towards infinite

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I would completely agree with your point if it wasn’t for the large number of Blender users/professionals who at one time were ‘newbies’ or even brand new newbies. So, is it wrong to assume that there is wast experience out there about being a newbie and progressing to being a competent (professional) Blender user/developer?

Many thanks! I’ll look for Animating with Blender.

my comment wasnt ment as negative as it seems to me as i read it now o_O
i have bought “the blender book” (for blender 2.43, cost 40€, obsolete with 2.5 i guess) by carsten wartmann when i just started out with blender. it’s nice to have, but from my experience it seems that i can look stuff up on the internet way faster than with any book. I’m far happier with my “animators survival kit” (from 1988 lol), it is about traditional animation which for some unknown reason extremely handy when it comes to cg

vimeo and youtube tutorials are the BEST source