How to explode a city!?

I have a city made with suicidator city engine.
I know hot to make a atom bomb “

What I don’t know any good way to do is to explode the city.
I want the atom bomb to go off in the middle of the city and I want the city to explode outwards by the shockwave.

Any thought, ideas or general tips would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

You could look at the use of a particle system and the explode modifier.


Thanks, It looks pretty nice, will experiment with it.
But my first impression is that it wont show any volume when exploding, only exploding the buildings in to different planes.

Anyone know hot to get some volume to the exploding pieces?

You might want to try and do it Hollywood style. Meaning, cover it all up with smoke and blur. You could try the fracture script and “pre-crack” some of your buildings then hand animate (or use the dynamic simulator) those falling hero pieces then kind of fake out the background stuff.



explosion_nice_ground_based.blend (217 KB)Explosion03_star_like.blend (412 KB)ace_Explosion.blend (901 KB)shockwave.blend (34.3 KB)

Thanks a bunch Atom.
I took a look at the blend files you attached and I am really impressed, some really nice work.
I in particular like the Ace_explosion, nice effect and quick render times.

The fracture script looks like something I could really use, thanks for the link.