How to export 3D model from Matlab to Blender?


I’ve got a problem with MRI model that I’ve work on.
I have 2D picture’s of MRI scan of a head and I am creating 3D model from it - exactly how it is done in MathWorks site.

And I’ve got model of a head.
It’s with the other part i’m having a problem - I need to create 3D model for acitve 3D (NVIDIA).
Firstly I need to “take out” brain from my head model - I was wondering how to do it without playing with arrays. (Is it possible?)
I found what i think it is an aswer - I need to export my model to Blender and than just erase every surface that isn’t a brain.

So my question is - how to do it ?

I once exported my model to (.wrl) Blender, but it exported this model from some point - i got image of functions in Blender.
So I probably have to do something first, but I don’t know what exactly.
I aslo found how to export this model to Blender in .stl

Once I have my model of a brain in Blender i will need to set the view to create a picture for myy NVIDIA program, which will made me an active 3D image of a brain.

Do you have any ideas? I think I have searched the entire google search :smiley:
I really need to know how it should be done, but I am out of ideas…

Maybe I am doing something wrong from the beginning ?

If you care to help, please do it.

Anyone knows how to do it, or can redirect me to some site etc?

Use MRICron to extract the brain from the skull (it’s free) don’t try to do it by hand.

Then you can follow one of the tutorials on using MRI data inside Blender (search on google for “MRI to Blender Timelapse”.