How to export 3ds files with textures ?

Hi everyone,

I’m facing a problem with the 3ds exporter plugin.
I need to deliver my 3D model as a 3DS file with textures, but Blender exporter just export the model without textures.

I tried with the OBJ exporter, an I got all my textures in the mtl file, does anyone know a way to convert my OBJ to 3DS with textures.

Nobody ?

I didn’t though that it going to be that hard, I will came with the answer if I find it.

In order to get the textures in 3DS export you must carefully name the textures/materials (use short names) and ensure the image names are 8.3 compliant. Otherwise the output will not have the proper reference (truncated) and not be found. Best to put image files in same directory as blend to prevent appending path to name too (that will also cause truncation).

Thanks Jambay that works. ( Only for textures that influence diffuse channel, no normal or alpha but is fine for what I need)

Don’t try this at home - you can open 3DS file in text editor to confirm paths. Though it is binary the file references are in “plain text” and you can view the file names/path info.

I am having a similar problem. I need a 3ds file to use within my video art framework (Isadora).
I am trying to create a simple wall with a texture, that I can import into Isadora and map a video stream onto.
For this to work the 3ds file must expect a texture (image texture is fine.)
I can’t seem to get it to be required.
I have opened the 3ds file in notepad++ and can see 2 references to my screen.jpg but they do not seem to be required. I know because importing a 3ds file into isadora that requires a texture, brings up a alert if the texture is not located with the 3ds file.
Any help for a real newbie?

It took me a while to figure this out. As mentioned above make sure that your material names (in blender are 8.3) so material.001 is good, also your texture.001 is good. Even with that you need to have your image file in an 8.3 format as well. And I suggest you keep it all lower case as well.

Then change “Object Mode” to “Edit Mode” and select unwrap. Assuming you have the image file in the same directory in which you are exporting you should have a valid .3ds file.

To fix what we do is…

Open 3D window of selected objects you wish to save, as per normal… Then press ‘Control Alt and A’ or open ‘filter and cut elements in 3d’ panel. Then select limited view, doesn’t matter what stories are selected. click ok. once generated 3d window appears go back to panel and switch back to infinite, and regenerate 3d window.

Once you have done the above and you now save as 3ds, the geometry saved will be the same as per the 3d window.

This also works the other way if you only want to save limited stories… click infinite, generate 3d window and the click back to limited and click save… All sorted.

I hope this helps
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