How to export a Blender image HELP!!!

sorry if this question was already asked but i couldnt find it. Recently i have been using blender alot and have wanted to show my friends my work without them having to come over. i have looked all over the internet but none of it worked for me :x (im dumb :frowning: ). so if anyone could tell me how to export and image to like a photo editor or an email attachment so my friends could see the picture then it would be greatly appreciated.
THANKS :smiley:

(Image Below)
-Press F10 to get to the render buttons

1.Choose an image type and set the quality
2.Choose the size and the OSA(anti-aliasing)level
[EDIT]3.Press F12 to render the image
4.Press F3 and save the file with the dialog that appears.

I tried it but i still cant open it in another program so i can print it

thank god i fixed it nvm THANKS SO MUCH :smiley: