How to export a model to .eps or .ai?

I’ve spend 2 whole day’s searching this forum and the net before I deared asking … :expressionless:

Here’s the deal, I have modeled a logo in Blender ( the best tool if you ask me … ) and now I want to
export it to .eps or .ai for the Printshop, because the only thing they can handle is vector based

Is there anyway I can do this by simply exporting it?
I really wouldn’t want to redo all the work I’ve put in it by tracing it by hand in Illustrator :frowning:

Any help is more then welcom…

Weeeeell, you could render it in Blender, then use Illustrator’s LiveTrace tool

That’s one way of doing it … the thing is, I don’t have a very recent version of illustrator, and that means no livetrace :-?

Is there no plugin or script that will export blender objects to .eps ar .ai ?

HELP … :expressionless:

Wings3d has an eps export (File/Export/CartoonEdges). So if you could export your model as a wavefront obj file from Blender and import it properly to Wings, it could be a workaround. The eps export from Wings consists of line segments for the edges only, however, so you don’t have filled faces or anything, just a bunch of vector lines of the model as it is positioned from the Wings window.
Another thing you could try is Javaview.
It is a java app, so you have to have the proper files installed to run it. It also has a nice eps export. It is able to export faces. I haven’t tried it for more complex models, though.
Would be nice if Blender has export scripts like these…

Thanks Grafix,

I will give wings3D and javaview a try, will keep you posted!

Yes it would be nice if these kind of exports where standard… :wink: