How to export all modified textures in Texture Paint?

Hello, i am painting my model in Blender 2.70 but i can’t export all the modified textures !

This is one object with multiple meshes, and each mesh has a UV Map.

The original textures are white images in a folder named “Textures” and i loaded in the meshes with the “Open” button.


The .blend file: (Right click, Save Link As)

you need to save the image file. it will not save it automatically. same as in a paint program. you can use shortcut F3 or the menus within the UV editor.

But, there is a way to save all the images in a directory?

could you clarify the problem a bit? is the trouble that your modified textures aren’t saving? or that you want to save them all at once? or a file path issue?

I want to save them all at once.

If that function exists I am unaware of it. It’s a good idea though.

I will upload my .blender file.