How to export animation to 3dsmax?

Hello, im having trouble exporting a model to 3dsmax that is animated, im exporting it as .obj and it exports well, but just the static model, when i select “Animation” in the obj export menu it just saves 30 diferent obj files (I guess it’s because there are only 30 frames) each one with a different frame of animation.

Thank You.

Yep, that’s the way it works. You can import those OBJ files as a morph target, but you are stuck at about 3 seconds worth of animation using that technqiue because 3DSMax only supports 99 channels on the morph target (ie, 99 frames).

I do remember some plugin to over come that limit here:

Atom, thank you for quick response and your help. Now i understand the way those .obj files have to be exported.

Too bad the link to Mesh Foot is broken…do you know another url were i can download it?