How to export Blender 2D mesh to inkscape?

I got a 2D mesh (a complex result of top faces of a boolean operations on a complex 3d object)

How can i export from blender into inkscape including face info (not only outerlines), i’m sure its possible but i forgot how i did this in the past. The people i work with need it to have it in inkscape format.

What do you mean by face info ?

When You have 2D mesh, you could unwrap it (e.g. from top view) and export its UV layout as *.svg from UV editor, maybe You could use Freestyle svg addon

Hmm its verry close, but i only wanted the surfaces not the outerlines of the surfaces (eventually it ends up in some robotic carving), the outerlines add extra width (which is probaply OK if one uses photoshop for texturing but in my case its a problem.

I use SVG freestyle exporter.

Works fine. You just have to make freestyle render and it will export .svg to Your output location.