How to export camera+markers to anither blend file


Help me to find easy way to copy all markers and cameras (with bind option) to another blend.

Is there export script for it? Or another way?

In the new blend-file:
Append the scene of the other blend-file with the cams and markers in. (Append - find according blend-file / Scene )
Change the scene to the newly appended scene (in the top header).

Now you need to get the cams and markers from the newly appended scene into your main scene:
Select the cams, Ctrl-L --> Objects-to-scene --> Scene-desired.
The markers you can copy as follows: Select them first in the Timeline, then: Marker/Duplicate-Marker-to-Scene/Scene-desired (Timeline header)
Now Cams should switch at the designated markers, as in the other blend-file.

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Thank you! Works!