How to export certain range of animation to FBX in Blender

I want to use Blender2.8 to export a certain range of frames of a long animation to a FBX file, but Blender always exports the whole animation. I’ve googled in the Internet but no proper solutions have been found. Is there a way to export a certain range of long animation to a FBX file? like exporting 30-50 frames from a 0-90 animation clip?

There are a couple of ways to do that.
Probably the simplest:
deleted all frames between 0-30 and 50-90. Move the remaining frames to the beginning of the timeline. Export FBX :slight_smile: You can make a copy of your action if you like preserve the original

Another one involves the NLA. But it’s much more complex. Let me know if the one above works for you.