How to export game for Mac? (.app)

Hello, I can successfully export my game as an .exe file for Windows, but how can I export this as an .app file for Mac? (I am using a Windows PC). Thanks.


Yes you can. But not currently anymore?

Using Windows:

Difficult Way

  • Download all Blender - Mac dependencies.
    Basically everything you’d use if you really were on a Mac system.

  • This but is not limited to:

    • Blenderplayer
    • DLL files
    • Python files
    • etc
  • In pre-Blender 2.8 versions, you’d be able to then point toward the “other” Blenderplayer type (like Mac) + its dependencies thanks to the “Game Engine Publishing” add-on:

I’m not sure if this is just a me issue, but even after enabling the add-on in UPBGE 0.3+, it doesn’t appear to me in the UI.

Here’s what it looks like in pre-Blender 2.8 versions.

Easy Way

I’m not sure if @lordloki_reloaded was able to fix the Game Engine Publishing add-on. But when he does, it’ll not only work for UPBGE 0.3+, it’ll also should be cross-platform for Desktop platforms automatically by downloading the dependencies automatically or generating the dependencies:

Hello Paladin,

I am using UPBGE 0.30.0, on which I cannot see the Game Engine Publishing add-on in the preferences. Do I have to download this separately? Thanks.

It might have been removed in early UPBGE 0.3x versions but replaced in later versions. I’d suggest upgrading to one of the experimental 0.3x builds which are based on latest Blender source, which in this case is Blender 3.2. It’s what I was using for the screenshot of the add-on.

I just downloaded the latest UPBGE from their website (0.3+ - 4 December 2021) and could not find the add-on here either. Any ideas?

That is odd… you can download the add-on here:

Place it in the folder:


Then install the script as an add-on via the User Preferences editor, add-ons tab.

Turns out I’m in the same boat. Any alternatives you could suggest?

Unfortunately not that I know of. UPBGE 0.3+ is fairly new and still missing a lot of its old functionality.

You could “technically” run the add-on script in the text-editor, but you’d need to setup/run a lot of functions and arguments.

UPBGE 0.25b’s game publishing add-on is still working if you want to give that a try.

Probably going to get a shouted at for mentioning this by some fanatics, but Armory3D supports all platforms, Desktop, Mobile, Web, Console, etc. All conveniently able to be exported from a Desktop computer, for example your Windows to Mac dilemma.

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I see. Thanks anyways.