how to export hair particles out of poser and import them to daz studio?

hello…i have been trying to export my poser figures (that is, Poser 5 figures) ALONG WITH their hair particles, but i just don’t seem to know how to go about doing it. i want to import them into daz studio, but i don’t know how…i’v been trying to, though…:confused: :confused: :confused:. anywho, can someone please help me?


Sorry, but I don’t believe ir is possible to get particles from one app to the other. In fact, in Poser 6, you can’t even use particle hair with the sketch render. The only way I know to get hair in and out of these apps is the old style modeled hair, or the trans mapped hair. Bottom line, you have to have surfaces and shaders/image maps, and write out an obj.

Best of Luck!

oh well…thanks anyway OBI_Ron…