How to export hair particles to fbx

I have finish with my modelling and rendering.

Now time to export in fbx format. All the mesh exported but the hair particles did not. I tried to convert in modifier, Then i converted the hairs to curve and giving a little bevel, But my machine hang and blender kick me. I tried 4-5 times same result. Trying above method file size of brush is 1.3 GB :smirk:. Any way or addon can export hair particles to fbx format. Below is the file to experiment. Thanks
export hairs.blend (2.2 MB)

I managed to bring it down to 32mb by reducing the hair segment count to 4, converting to curve, and lowering the bevel resolution to 0. Didn’t loose that much detail.

Using alembic you could export those curves as is though.

I tried the above steps, For me it came to 28.3 but when i import the fbx file and try to render no hairs visible in render.

Then I tried convert the fbx file to curve just to give thickness. The mesh is unable to convert to curve. Any suggestion

Hard to tell what’s going on without looking at the scene.

Out of curiosity, any reason you can’t use alembic?

what is alembic

is it any softwaer