How to export model in AC3D

I need to export a simple model from blender to ac3d format (.ac). I don’t see that as an available format in the export menu, but google seems to say that blender can export this format.

We’re planning on using this in openGL. I’m using Blender 2.57 on OSX Lion.

I’m not experienced with this stuff at all, so any help is appreciated.


Blender had AC3D import/export in 2.49b , but it didn’t have any for 2.5x

Fortunately, there’s some people that made addons for this :

See if the addon can work for you.

hmm all the links to the addon seem to be broken. I guess I’m out of luck…

Install Blender 2.49b, export it, then uninstall.

I confirm that it’s present also in 2.44, the version I’m still using for some tricks. You can find all the old releases at the Blender web site.