how to export simulation as OBJ file

Im trying to figure the work flow for using Blender with Element 3D. I have a simple rock shatter simulation. When I press P is plays and looks great. The rock falls and hits the cube surface and shatters,

I use the Addon that allows me to export OBJ animations, but after exporting it and viewing it in AE, I dont see the shatter simulation in the OBJ sequence. I see just the static rock poised in the air ready to drop.

What is the correct way to do this process?

When I try to bake the simulation, I get a feedback loop error. If I unselect everything I get a"nothing to bake" error.

Got it. I just needed to Record Animation (to keyframes) in the Blender Game renderer. Then just export as an OBJ seq. It just took time to find the right button to push.