How to export static meshes to UDK?

Hi all,

I’m trying to export models for use in Unreal directly from Blender 2.56.

Until now I have always exported my static meshes to 3dsmax using the .obj format and then exported them as .ase files for import in UDK. I would like to cut out the 3dsmax step, but I’m having problems with the export options:

If I export from Blender 2.56 as Collada (.dae) and import in UDK, the collision models are not recognised as such and are imported seperately, which renders them useless.
If I export as Autodesk FBX (.fbx), the collision models are fine, but UDK says no smoothing information is found and advises to turn on “Export Smoothing Groups” in the FBX exporter options. Alas, I see no such option.

Does anybody know what to do or know of another way to get static meshes including collision models, smoothing groups, UV layouts etc into UDK? Thanks!