How to export textures?


In Blender I have a model with 3 different textures. I imported them from SketchUp, and now I would like to export the model with the textures to a .fbx file. I tried to do that but only the .fbx model was exported (not a map with the textures).

I tried to find a guide on the internet but I’m a real noob in Blender and don’t know what everything means (UV, baking textures, and more).

Can someone tell me how to export the model with textures to .fbx? That would be great;-) Or is there a easy-to-understand guide on the internet in some steps or something like that;-)?


Can someone help me please?


Where are you going to use the fbx. Just save textures out of blender and apply them to you model in that program and have done with it.

When I saved a file out of blender that had an image texture and opened that fbx in Maya it came in with the image texture mapped to its UVs. I believe it was just with the default export settings. If you have multiple textures maybe bake them all into a single image. It didn’t look like the normal map was exported with the fbx.