How to extract a particular frame of cloth simulation?


I’m not very familiar with cloth simulation so I need some help please.
Is there a way of copying or extracting a particular frame of a cloth simulation object? I mean the object “as is” in the animation @ frame x thus converting it in a individual mesh, but still maintaining the original object and animation.


Duplicate it and apply the modifier at the chosen frame?

afaik a duplicate will not retain the cloth sim because the sim cache data is keyed to a particular object in a particular file, and the cache data isn’t duped with the new mesh.

In order to retain the original cloth sim and “extract” a particular frame, you’ll need to duplicate both the cloth sim data cache (labeled “blendcache_<filename>”) and the .blend file that wrote the cache data. So first copy the cache data folder and paste it into the same directory, then rename it “blendcache_<new-filename>”. Then save your .blend file as “<new-filename>.blend”. Of course you can put whatever filename you want in between the "< >"s, and the brackets aren’t necessary. Then in one or the other of the identical-except-for-filename .blend files, use either Apply or Apply as Shape at whatever frame you want to extract. I usually always use Apply as Shape because it makes editing the converted cloth mesh handier, you retain both the original mesh shape and the cloth frame, and can make edits on a new shape key made with W-KEY>Blend from Shape. Once the edits are final the other shape keys can be deleted if desirable to do so.

That’s the solution I came into, chipmasque. But I was hoping that there would be a “command” or a “copy this as mesh”… :wink:

Thank you both.

Yeah, it’s a bit complicated due to the caching method the cloth sim uses, but no getting around that. One approach I’ve found useful in some cases is to do the cloth sim separately from the main scene file, so the .blend has only the items needed for the sim. This makes copying the files a bit more efficient 'cause thy’re usually smaller, but it may not be possible in all situations.