How to extrude a mesh profile along a path

I know how to extrude a Bezier curve along a bezier circle. Is there a way to extrude a mesh object along a bezier circle?

Thanks MoTo

Create and object and then set it as the bevel object for the bezier circle or curve. Simple as that.

You can give your mesh an array modifier (so it stretches out nice and long) and then give it a curve modifier and use your bezier curve for that.

Thanks guys i will try the second idea

I spoke too quickly without explaining in detail. Yes you can use the array modifier for this, but I have found this to be tricky, but it is beneficial. Also keep in mind that the curves that you use to define a shape have different modes of construction, so making straight lines with curves are pretty easy using the vector option, curving with free and the other two modes, so in reality you can create any object profile you need with curves and the result will end up being a lot smoother in the end, and won’t require using clipping and massive tweaking for arrays to fit correctly. If you require and editable mesh from the curve, then convert curve to mesh, and you’re done.