How to extrude edges fast along the normal?

In Max I can select an edge and extrude and extrude it, and it extrudes the edge on the normal direction and also automatically creates a “gap” (sort of as if you were beveling inwards). This is pretty neet for subdiv modelling. How do I do this in Blender without using “hacks”.

These are images in Max to explain it better:

That is a pretty clever feature. It looks like it’s a combination of bevel and offset edge. If one were to merely combine these 2 features together, you would get what you want.

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Yes, this looks like:

  • bevel the edge with 2 segments and a profile of 1
  • Select -> Select More/Less -> Less
  • Mesh->Transform -> Shrink/Fatten

Aah yes ty, that last part was the one I couldn’t figure out.

As @Neltulz stated, would be cool if someone could combine that all in one shortcut :smiley:

But this will do for now.