How to extrude faces along a curve with the same thickness ?


How can I extrude those faces with the same thickness for all faces ? I am lost.
Here is the faces:

Thank you very much

Extrude (E), cancel move (esc), shrink/fatten with even on (alt+S, S).

You’ve already extruded it because there are face indicators where the edges should be. Select all, W -> remove doubles if you’ve done that multiple times.

This is a modeling support question, not a tutorial. Don’t crop images when asking questions. When showing the structure, never show wireframes see-through, as it’s just a mess of overlapping black lines and makes the structure less clear. An example .blend file is required for all support questions involving one.

If you need to do this often, an alternate way is to use the Offset Edges Add-on.

With the add-on installed, in Edit mode from the Edges menu > Offset Edges > Extrude > enter the desired thickness.

See the post:
At the end of the post there is a link to a .zip file containing the script. Extract into your
…\Blender(version number)\scripts\addons folder. Then from User Preferences use Install Add-on from File.

Good luck!