How to extrude object in narrowing form

I want to extrude object like in this photo, how to make that any suggestionsblenders.blend (761.7 KB)

What I have done is in these photos:

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Select the face you want to extrude, then press I(i) to inset, so you basically reduce the area of your selection and then you can extrude.
Tell me if this works.

More on the inset tool

So basically what the inset tool does is that it makes the face you have selected and makes the selection smaller. It does not affect the face in any way. Just try it once, youll see.

No it doesn’t work. Would be too simple. I can do it manually by grabbing and moving edges, but it takes too much time.

okay, but then I don’t have any idea what you can do.

I think you’ll have to backtrack a bit in your modelling. To get this stair effect, you can model the outer “step” first, and then use extrude/inset as @Thicc_Boi suggested to get the other “steps”.
Now to make them “merge” at the bottom you can hide the rest of the geometry (with H), and use proportional editing with the option Connected only marked.