How to extrude the cylinder

I’m posting a screenshot here on trying to use a cylinder for extruding a model that I’m hoping to do.

I pressed the E, but it didn’t show up and then I pressed the CTRL+TAB and that’s what it shows on what I posted up

Any clue on what I’ve done wrong after all its in the edit mode and the shape is in the wireframe.

Press the Z key to go into wireframe view then press the B key for box select. Drag the selection tool across what you want selected (Right-Click and drag). Then when you press E Left-Click and then grab your selection with G.

Alright I’ll post some screenshots here of my troubles so when I press the B does it have to look like this before I extrude?

Alright the screenshots are below of this


The cross lines are what the cursor turns into when you are in select mode. Just start outside what you want to select, hold down the LMB and drag a box over what you want selected. When you release the mouse button whatever vertices are inside the box you have drawn will become highlighted, meaning they are selected. Now you can hit E to extrude them.

Ok I’m now posting up another screenshot and I don’t think my extruding looks right as to what’s shown here…

From what I can see your extrusion is working right. But as far as topology goes you may want to look at some character modelling tutorials. Here are two tutorials that Jonathan made Modelling a lowpoly character and Character Modelling in Blender. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the video links! From what I have extruded are edges and from the video he used the regions so I’m guessing is that there are different kinds of extrusions.

Yes. When you press E you should be given some choices of extrusion depending on the vertexes you have selected. You can also switch between three edit modes; Vertex, Edge, and Face, from pressing Ctrl+Tab.

So I’m guess that the REGION of the extrude is what I need to use the most for modeling right?

It really depends on your modelling technique. For box modelling you use mostly if not entirely region extrusion and for point by point you would use vertex and edge extrusion.

Okies then! :wink:

For your character, try to use cubes instead of cylinders for the base model, after you’re finished with the base model will be able to give a “rounded” silhouette with the Subdivision Surface modifier.

And using cubes instead of cylinders make the base shape a bit easier to build.

By example with using simple cubes that i extrude and move vertices i get roughly a shape :

Using the Subdivision Surface modifier (Subsurf modifier in 2.49b) can make it looks much rounder and after that you can always sculpt a bit the details (with the multiresolution instead of subsurf, but 2.49b does not have that good sculpt tools, they’re much improved in 2.57b) and edit the mesh base in Edit Mode to get it more in shape.

Hey I like this advice!

Is there a tool somewhere where I can extrude both arms and legs?

The mirror modifier is what you need to halve your work time.

By example, i made half of a model, and went the other half to be the mirror of it.
I want the axe of the symetry to be what i made in red :

So i select this edge, click on Model -> Snap -> Cursor to Selection

Then i go to Object Mode and click on the " Center Cursor button"

this move the model origin to the cursor (that i “snapped” on the edge)
The origin of the model is what will be used by the mirror modifier to determine the center of the symetry.

I add a mirror modifier, check that the Axis is the one i want (x/y/z) i see the result immediately then proceed back to Edit Mode :

Now everything i will work on the original side will be automatically done to the other side as long as the mirror modifier is not closed or applied.

So for your model it means when you will extrude a leg, the other side leg will be extruded, when you will scale it, the other side will be scaled etc…

Did you extruded those cubes randomly? (Like as a warmup and not to start modeling)

Yes it was just for the example on how to setup the mirror modifier, simple random extrudes.

Thanks for all your help Rob!

If anything comes up I’ll let you know! :wink: