How to fade out object WITHOUT use of materials?

Is there a simple way to fade out object in Cycles? Method with material transparency is not very usable because object has multiple materials. I also would like to avoid render layers / compositing.

A quick search revealed this…

Thanks, but it involves materials and I have other objects I don’t want to fade out with same materials… I’ll need to separate materials and probably there is no simpler solution here…

no other solution than material approach afaik

Use compositor and the Object ID mask?

you can use compositor but then you must have also rendered version without object

Thanks guys, I know both methods, but they suck… its overkill for such simple task… I wish objects would have transparency / opacity setting on it self :frowning:

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Just make the material of the object you want to fade a single user copy. This will leave all your others intact and allow you to fade out the object with a transparency and mix shader.

Well but than we need to apply the mix shader to all the different materials on that object. As I understand one would need to add a mix node to each material we want to fade and key each material separately, no?

I am aware that this is an old thread, but I am just facing that very same issue.

If you need to apply the fade to more than one object, Put your transparent shader in a group and it ll be animated for all the objects sharing it.

Well, the objects contain several materials, so one would need to add the mix node to each of those and key each material individuallly. Seems cumbersome to me.


I know one could use the compositor somehow for it, but a fade in fade out on an object or collection or instance base would be much more user friendly in my view.

Basically add a factor to the object/instance visibilty which we have already. Than instance the collection to the scene and fade the instance in or out by keying that factor.

Or adding keying and a fade factor from 0-1 to the objects/instance camera visibility.


Thank you! That is interesting! I will try this!

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Could you be so kind and share the .blend from your example? Thank you!

yes of course.
it’s a 3.0 file… should work on older version also.
Node_Groupe_Transparent.blend (884.2 KB)

Thank you so much! :sunflower: Merci!

I’m on 3.0.0 so that will work.

de rien, c’est normal!

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Encore une question. Si je veux ajouter une autre materiel/objet ca devient noir. Ou est ma faute?

Another question. If I add another material/object it turns black. Were is the mistake?
Node_Groupe_Transparent_3_Materiaux.blend (1.1 MB)

C’est claire Backface culling & Alpha Blend en Blend Mode.
Voici l’example pour trois:

Enable Backface Culling & Alpha Blend for the third object in Blend Mode.
Here the example for three:
Node_Groupe_Transparent_3_Materiaux.blend (1.1 MB)

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That’s an auto-answer.
It 's the eevee way to manage transparent materials.
That’s not necessary for Cycle.

tu as répondu par toi même.
c’est la façon pour eevee de gerer les transparences.
ce n’est pas nécessaire pour cycle.

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