How to fill a shape with liquid

Im trying out the new fluid system in Blender 2.82…
I want to fill up the letter T with a liquid

This is what I did
created a domain for the liquid
put the letter T in there, and converted it to a mesh > set it to effector (collision type)
put a sphere inside the T, set it to inflow

But when I press bake…notthing happens…(when I put the sphere outside of the T, it works as it should.

I havent done this filling before…so maybe i got the settings/workflow wrong…

here’s the file

Your collision object (T) has its normals facing outward. In edit mode select all the faces and press CTRL-Shift-N to reverse them.

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pfff always those damn normals… haha i keep forgetting those

So when your filling a shape…they should be inwards… and when you use the object to surround with water…they should be outwards?