How to fill bezier curve in Blender 2.5x>

Hi all, I have been doing logos from curves using this old 2.4x tutorial:

Since the user interface chenged dramatically, I can’t find a way, how to fiill the curve=clode the curve. In Blender 2.49 it was done by closing the curve and pressing C.

Like in the picture

Could someone help me?:smiley:

Curves are closed/opened by the ‘Toggle Cyclic’ button in the toolshelf or the Curve / Toggle Cyclic menu entry or shortcut Alt+C


Thanks man!!:slight_smile: I never thought, that someone will solve my problem:)

But one more question, how to make it filled? Like in my picture:D

Only 2D curves are filled. By default curves are added as 3D so you need to set this in the curves settings


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It’s working! Muhaha:D Thanks again;)