How to fill holes easily?

I have a model with some holes in it, which i would like to fill. Is there any way to select all of the edges that border a hole in order to use shift-F or alt-F? I tried select EdgeRing and EdgeLoop but these dont do it. There should be some easy ways to fill holes no?


select the vertices of the hole. Extrude, enter without moving anything. Still with the new vertices selected: alt-m , merge vertices at center.

Filling a hole in mesh is as easy as selecting any four verts and pressing “F”. Blender doesn’t have the ability to create a face with more than four sides, though so if you have a large hole with a lot of verts, you’ll have to select groups of four until you finish filling the hole.

If you can post a blend or pic of what you’re trying to do I can give a better idea of how to approach that specific situation.

Toontje’s method works great if it sticks with your topology.

with some mud:eyebrowlift2:

Menu “Select” -> “Non-Manifold” selects all verts around holes.

Yes, use select non-manifold. If there is more than one hole in the mesh, use box select with the right mouse button to de-select holes you don’t want to fill just yet.

Non-manifold did the trick. Yes, selecting the open edges quickly is what i needed, there are too many edges/vertices to go selecting them one by one.