How to fill shapes that are connected one at a time?

I’m working on 2d, but it’s difficult using shapes to make an eye for example and fill it in with a solid color. You’ll get weirdly shaped triangles. Also, it blenders doesn’t allow you to create shapes on top of those.

Additionally, when I add layers in 2d I lose the ability to change modes. I am hoping there’s a way to create a 2d animation without using a tablet, but rather general shapes and the mouse. Can anyone help?

can you elaborate
difficult to help without more details!

are you using Grease pencil here ?
which bl version 2.79 or 2.8 ?

happy bl

Yes, I’m using grease pencil and 2.8. Let’s start with problem one, that I didn’t mention before; my reference photos are uploaded upside down or sideways, so I go into object mode to turn them. Then, I am unable to re-enter draw mode. I heard this may be a bug, but hopefully there’s a fix or a way around it.

Thanks for your patience.