how to fill sub-surf objects

i want to fill the arms on the sofa. the arms are subsurfed 3 times
rendered in yafray
if i use shift-f to fill, the filled area gets distorted and becomes larger than the rest of the arm. is there another way?

I’m not sure what you mean by “becomes larger” but if the fill operation results are not to your liking then the alternative is to manually fill in the faces on the base mesh (which you will see when you enter edit mode).

Although I should note that the question in your thread title is someting of a misnomer as sub-surf’d meshsed are edited (including fills) just as a non-subsurf’d meshes are. The subdivision is, in it’s simplest terms, just a way of increasing the density (i.e. poly count) of a mesh. There’s more to subdivision surfaces than just poly count but I think that’s a different discussion altogether.

It could be how subsurf works that gives the problem, usually it’s rounds things out based on the mesh cage as it’s called, the more polys in an area the sharper the crease, try playing with the new weighting mechanism in 2.34