how to filter bad language in dos games when you are using scummvm

Hi. I am using scummvm to play sam and max for dos . The only problem is that I need a language filter for playing dos games like this. I use an xp and I run sam and max using scummvm 0.12.

hmm, I would suggest not playing it if you find the language inappropriate.

It feels like censoring nipples in a playboy magazine… doens’t make much sense to me either…

Sry that I can’t really help, but may I ask why you want to filter out the bad language? What’s your motivation?

It’s just that there are a few words that are in there that I don’t like. And look at movies (if it’s a good movie they would edit it). People edit them but they can’t edit games.So besides that it’s a great game.

but who is gonna play that game? your children? auto censoring is kinda pointless, isnt it?