How to find a material (other than Select->Linked->Material, is there other way ?)


I am cleaning up a game file and there are tons of Materials that need cleanup,

there is one particular that I can not find anywhere in the file,

I tried ‘Select --> Linked —> Material’, but no other object comes up.
(this method worked for all the other materials that were hard to find, but not this one)

Is there another way to do it ?

Thanks in advance!

Checking every single item trough the outliner window.
Or go trough the materials it self in the properties window.
check node editor as well, could be that the image/material is loaded in/through there.
Or check the blend the object is linked from.
Or the uv window.

Can’t think of anything else atm.

Shift + click on the cross button. Then when you close/re-open your blend file, the material/mesh/object/whatever will be gone. Woe unto you if it was actually used somewhere.