How to find all tools

I have been using Blender for a little while now, and I just learned about Ctrl-F for Face specials. Some of these tools are very useful. I have been looking through the menus, and I didn’t see a menu that listed Ctrl-F. Without a menu entry, how could I have found this group of functions.

My question: Is there a resource I can go to that lists all of the tools in Blender? I am not talking about the newest features, just a list of all the main tools that are used in Blender. I would like to know about any other tool sets that I might not have known about.

Start reading, there’s a lot there to getting started with.


Help–>HotKey and MouseAction Reference will allow you to see all options, hours of fun can be had by trawling through the key commands.

Thank you, this will be more than enough. I like to once in a while explore and use google to find what all the tools do. I just didn’t want to miss any.