How to find materials that are referencing missing textures?

Dear fellow Blender enthusiasts,

Please forgive me if this question has been asked/answered before but I cannot seem to pinpoint the right keywords to find anything of use.

When I pack external data, Blender reports a number of missing texture files.
However, no materials in my model are showing the typical “missing pink” color.
As far as I can see, all materials are correctly referencing their respective textures.

Is there any way to locate the object/material that is missing a particular texture file ?


Menu File / External data / report missing file , but I don’t know how it works

Thanks, that only reports the path of the missing files but doesn’t say which material/node is referencing them.

However for this particular case I solved the problem by purging orphaned texture files from the outliner. Apparently the missing files were not being referenced at all.

Nevertheless, being able to find out which texture file is being referenced by which node would be super handy.

There are other ways to solve it without needing to know which material is missing textures.

You can use find missing files just below report missing files

You can create a dummy material where you put image nodes that uses the missing images and fix them by hand.

You can make a little python script that do what you want, indeed it can be useful once in a while…