How to find my posts?

Hello, is there a way to view my posts?
Search or the user friendly ‘View my posts’ near my profile?

Press ‘My Profile’ link and in the page that opens either use the ‘Find latest Posts’ or ‘Find Latest Started Threads’ links in the top left of the page

Thank you, but I’m not sure that will help if like other forums? I come back a day or two later…maybe even a week, which has newer posts in results than my post. I really love the ‘View my posts’ option is other forums.

It is the same feature as in other forums.

Also, if you click on your username (next to an existing post), there’s an option to “View Forum Posts” there as well. That might be a bit faster than going to your profile page.

Thank you for the reply.
I’m sorry, I might be a bit slow, but in Profile, I see no option for ‘View my posts’?
Also, I can’t click my username on an existing post, as I need to find the existing post in the first place.
For now, I’m navigating to Search > Advanced Search > Username: <username> > Search. Sorry, but I don’t see the usual forum top left or right link ‘View your posts’?

If you are logged into the forum then you should see your name and ‘My Profile’ in the top right corner. Mouse click on either.

If you don’t see your name then you are not logged in so the forum doesn’t know who you are so cannot show the posts of just some random guy looking at the forum.