how to find out how many MB my graphics card holds?

hello…i have been looking for some other 3d apps, and found one called “3D Canvas”. however, in the system requirements, it says to have a 16 MB graphics card…but i don’t know how to check and see how many MB it has! can someone help?

ps, i think the graphics card is on the motherboard so…is there any way i can find out how many MB the graphics card has without opening my computer?

Onboard graphic cards uses some of your RAM, to find out how much RAM it uses you will have to go into the BIOS and find out. This will require a restart and push the Delete key(may vary depending on motherBoard) at a certain time. I usually keep tapping the key untill I get the BIOS window.

Also. on windows, go to your display properties (in controll panel).

  1. click on settings tab
  2. then on advanced.
  3. click on adapter tab
    That should give details of your graphics card.

or u can just do

START>RUN> type in “dxdiag” (without the quotes)

go to the “DISPLAY” tab on the top and on the top left of that window theres all you need to know about your graphics card

it also tells you other simple things about your computer

got it! thanks guys!