How to find the users of a node goup (material)?

Hello AFWS,

sorry for the quiet; I’m busy now with my job.

I tested the addon’s new version and it is a big help even with its actual method.
Answering your question, it is the RED I was talking about as ‘Node property’, I get this one duplicated when I append material, I would like to eliminate these duplications with the help of your addon.
Also a question; I spend this day with hunting down users of images with the same problem.
Is it possible to make your addon work with images, too? (finding a Material uses a specific image?)


I’ll play around with this more when I have time. I noticed it is flawed. It only tends to get the nodes on the current node tree. Basically it doesn’t get any node groups within the first node group. I don’t know of a easy way to do it, cause what I had to do was get all nodes on all materials, check if those nodes were a group node, and then check if the node tree was the same. You would have to prolly do that for every group that was within a group.

I came across a script that would replace the .001, .002 , etc. with the original, but it seems flawed too. It runs into the same issue as my addon that doesn’t find node groups within node groups. I almost got something put together that works for replacing all duplicates.

Is-it possible to update this great addon for blender 2.9 ?
Thanks a lot !