How to find unused keyboard shortcuts?

Hi folks,

I’m wary of messing with Blender’s keyboard shortcuts because i’ve messed up stuff in the past and got weird UI behaviour.

Maybe someone can correct me if i’m wrong, but it seems to me that when you try to assign a shortcut (right-click, assign shortcut), Blender doesn’t warn you that a shortcut is already in use for some other action.

So does that mean that when you assign an already-used shortcut to a new action, that shortcut will now perform two actions? If so, that seems less than desirable!

So is there any way to :

a) view which shortcuts are used and free?..and

b) …also to get a warning when you try to assign an already-used shortcut?


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Hello @Daz_Harris ,

In blender, Let’s press F4 and try this function:

def search_actions(key_bind):
    result = []
    keymaps =
    for key in keymaps.keys():
        for item in keymaps[key].keymap_items:
            if key_bind == item.to_string():
                result.append({"keymap": keymaps[key].name, "name":})
    return result

Usage example:


We can upgrade this into an add-on :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply if you need something more!

Hi mate,

When i press F4, i get the file context menu: new, open, import, export, preferences.

What am i supposed to see wth F4?

Oh, I mean to open python console menu, could be Command + F4 in MacOS

Just activate the addon - Is Key Free…included in Blender
You can select a key combo to see if there are any binding of that keypress being used anywhere in Blender…

Thanks, IS KEY FREE works great!