How to fix a texture for a moving object (but no WIN setting)?

Hi there,

first I tell you what I want to do so you can understand the problem better. I want to create an animation where a root of a tree is growing. So I created a simple root and want to move it on the path of a spline:

But the problem now is that the textures which are added to the root object need to be fixed at its position. If you think of a growing root you will know that the surface of it isnt moving with the top of the root, while the root at its position is getting bigger. So how can I put a texture on it which isnt moving with its object ? I cant use the WIN setting under “Map Input” because the texture need to follow the curve as well. Could anyone think of a possibility ?


Instead of moving your meshes… have you considered doing it with an animated material?
The full mesh of the entire root would remain on one place… and with texture animation on the alpha of the material you can ‘grow’ the root. Maybe that is an easier approach?

You can use “Object” in the map input panel and fill in the name of some object (for example a copy of your root that is NOT growing). I think that should work.

@edekker76: ok but how can I grow an object with an animated texture ? Could you provide a more detaild description or an example ?

@Xalt: yep this is working very well, but there is still the problem that I need to map the texture along the object, because these little rifts which you have for a root need to be mapped along the object, and not horizontal to the screen:

Ok I think I will map the texture as UV to the root mesh, to get the best mapping and then I will animate the xOffset of the images in the ipo curve, that works very well.

Anyway thanks for your comments