How to fix and reshape messed up shapes in sculpt mode

i’m trying to get more into sculpting. While doing so, i’m sculpting a fetus model. During that, i lost my attention to the hands. Now that i am in Dyntopo mode already, i need to fix the hands:

Using the Grab Brush alone makes things even worse. It is also very difficult to mask out all the rest of the sculpture. And mesh editing in Edit mode is almost impossible due to the Dyntopo mesh.

What would be the best strategy to fix the hands?

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

I would definitely go with Proportional (connected) transforms in edit mode.
What really matters with this method is the right choice of vertices to select, and consequently the correct radius of influence; from the undo panel you can successively try the behaviour of different falloff curves and tweak the other parameters.

In this case I would mostly use rotations around the cursor.

Hi sourvinos,
i’ll give that a try. Prior to this, i think the best way would be to separate the hands into a new object (or tweo objects, one for each hand), to avoid constantly hiding/showing all the other mesh vertices. This also might improve viewport performance.
I have another suggestion to work this out:

  1. find - or create an edge loop on the arm(s) where a new hand could be connected. Count the number of verts on this loop.
  2. create new hands that look better. Modell this hands in a way that they end with an edge loop that has the same numer of verts like (1). Position them in 3D space, join with the main model and perform a briding operation on the loops.
  3. Continue sculpting.

What do you think? Would this be faster and/or more accurate?

I could not call this method as accurate, it’s a way to make a different hand if you’re not satisfied by the topology you have now.
For a simpler correction, IMHO, proportional editing is still the better approach.
If you are disposed to separate the hand mesh in a new object this could ease the sculpting (without Dyntopo) and the use of the Grab brush; at last you should merge back the hand to the rest.

What about selecting a point on a tip of a finger and the select more (ctrl numpad +)? The hands look separated enough to let you get them with that.
Once you have a selection, you can do what you want, mask, hide…

I don’t have any sculpting advice for you but would you be open to letting your model be used in other projects?

Hi Tedri,
due to other priorities, this project is currently on hold. I will finished it as soon as i find the time, including retopo an texturing. When it is finished, it will publish it.

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