how to fix camera streching?

I`ve got more question i want to know how to make the camera view more realistic?
because it skewing/ streching too much, like the pic i post
how to fix that camera view?



use your mouse wheel and zoom in before you run the game engine… the inside rectangle that is the camera bounds should be near the same size as the viewport that you want to run it in.

ah! i got it now, thanks! and there one more problem, can i resize the camera view? i tried to resize the camera and the mesh, to make the room looks bigger, but after i switch to camera view the size still the same… T-T

yes, you put a number in the lense size. Select the camera and then look in the buttons window, click the one with the picture frame on it. smile

ah in editing button! there camera lenses and other options too
thanks a lot ^-^b