How to fix distorted textures?

For some reason, I often find textures distorting. Sometimes the texture will be correct and properly proportioned and other times it will be more distorted towards the bottom or top. I’ve tried unwrapping using the different unwrap options in the operator panel and all of them yield the same results. I’m attaching a packed .blend file so you can examine it, as well as a photo of a render I finished this morning so you can see the distortion.

Blend File Link:


what distortion ?
i do not see any .

This label for example, is smushed or skewed.

Where? I can´t see the problem. :?

The labels in your render are perfectly rectilinear, which they shouldn’t be if they are following the contours of the rendered objects. Is that the distortion you’re talking about?

Edit: I found no textures packed into your .blend file.

Ok, so what I see is that some of the labels has the wrong proportions. The UV map gets affected by the subsurf modifier. Place one edge loop above and one below the label. Unwrap with the loops. It is also possible to add creased edges. You probably need to apply the modifier if you need perfect control.

Actually… just disable “Subdivide UVs” in the modifier panel should do the trick. I guess that option it’s more useful for organic modeling.