How to fix my bones?

Hey all.

I’m a noob and i’ve got s problem with my armatures for a gingerbread man. I’ve got this leg bone and i want to connect it to the bottom part of the backbone but when i parent it to the spine it goes to the top knob. How can i connect it to the bottom. Also if anyone has time could they tell me how put a bone to a vertice? coz when i move the bones in pose mode all it moves is the bone.



Where the button says “child of”, there’s a small button that says “Con”. This means “connected” so it moves the bones together. Turn it off.

The leg bone should be pointing the other way too.

I tried doing that but the leg bone still has a line to the top knob, no the bottom, near the pelvis. Also how to i attatch the bone to the vertices? What do you mean by pointing the other way?

Im not sure I got your post but I remember I had a problem with the tutorial GINGERMAN!

They dont said that to make the bones connected together you have to click and draw one bone, then press and hold CONTROL KEY and click again to make a new one, directly attached to the bones!

Like a parent/children but better because already connected perfectly.

Or unless you mean “attach” the bones to the vectrices?

For that you will have to do all your bones and select them as “an ARMATURE” (i think its on the edit mode, Modifier add a modifier armature and select an object) Not sure!

When you parent one bone to another, the dotted line does go from the root (fat end) of the child bone to the tip (pointy end) of the parent bone. That’s normal.

OK thats alot easier than adding new bones, thanks a heap. But even when i add an armature modifier to the man the bones still fail to move the man with them. I’ve uploaded the .blend file so if anyone could complete it then tell me how to for the future that’d be great.


You have to add an armature modifier to your Gingerbread man and type in the OB: field “Bones” - the name of your Armature.

You will be probably using envelopes for deformation, so you should scale the tips of your bones in armature edit mode, so that they cover the whole mesh - like this

Im not sure again I did understood your message…

But once you have aselected an “armature” you have o select and assign some parts to the bone… lets imagine your “knee” you have to say to Blender that when you move your knee it has to move your skin form upper and lower knee… :confused:
does that make sense?
If I remember you’ll have to “assign” and do something on the bottom left of the screen (defautld config) with an assign key…

Try armature tutorial, or continu with the"gingerman tutorial" I found the info there…

Here is what you’ll need to do,

  • Click on the Mesh (gingerBread man)
  • Hold shift and click on the armature (to select both)
  • Click Ctrl+P (for parenting)
  • Select Armature, then Select “Name Groups.”

Now click on the Mesh again,

  • Go into Edit mode.

  • Find where it says “Vertex Groups” Click on that litte box I highlighted yellow:
    When you click on that you will get a list of all the vertex Groups, Leave Leg.R selected for now.

  • Select the vertices you want to be assigned the Leg.R Vertex Group and click Assign.

  • Now do the same with the others!